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  • skills and knowledge
  • trust and loyalty
  • precision and quality
  • excellence and professionalism
  • flexibility and diligence


We offer a wide range of linguistic services and a unique expertise in project management and coordination services outsourcing.


  • English to French
  • French to English
  • Spanish and German, on request
  • unilingual and bilingual revision


  • proofreading
  • terminology
  • post-editing
  • consulting
  • localization


  • project reception
  • project analysis and deployment
  • lead time management
  • progress tracking
  • delivery
  • post-delivery follow-up


  • complete takeover
  • end-to-end project management
  • requester assistance
  • personalized customer service
  • simplified billing
  • continuous improvement


  • business communications
  • finance and securities
  • human resources
  • legal and paralegal
  • medical/pharmaceutical
  • IT and telecommunications
  • marketing and advertising
  • tax and accounting
  • mining and metallurgy


  • major companies
  • law firms
  • accounting firms
  • financial institutions
  • professional associations
  • international organizations
  • small businesses
  • non-profit organizations

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Translation is a form of communication, not just a simple transposition of words from one language to another. For me, it means finding words that sound right and have the desired impact, calling on the infinite richness of language.

Nathalie Cartier, Cofounder

We are all committed to excellence in our work and refuse to compromise when it comes to the quality of our translations or the professionalism of our services. I have learned from experience that it is better to focus on the basics than to target growth at all costs.

Elise Lelarge, Cofounder

Above all, our company is a place of shared values: mutual respect and focus on quality. We are also a team. We work together, day after day, to ensure that our passion and skills translate into satisfaction for our clients and enjoyment for all our professionals!

Antoine Raimbert, Partner

Our coordination team is the hub of our firm. Meeting our clients' wide-ranging needs, distributing the workload intelligently and making effective use of our tools is a real art form. It goes without saying that things get a little crazy sometimes, and knowing how to stay "Zen" is extremely important!

Simon Hébert, Partner


  • Experienced professionals

    We have provided translation and linguistic services to businesses, large and small, since 1986.

  • Quality above all

    We have built our business on excellence and precision, and quality control is an integral part of our services. Our translators all have university degrees from reputable institutions, and most of them are certified by the Ordre des traducteurs, terminologues et interprètes agréés du Québec.

  • Trusted business partner

    We strive to understand our clients’ activities, business context, company culture and communication needs so we can deliver translations that ring true.

  • Unparalleled customer service

    We provide the same highly personalized customer service to all of our clients, whether they are a multinational with offices in several time zones or a small Quebec business with specific communication needs.

  • Efficient workflow

    We have an efficient coordination team whose number one job is making sure that translation requests are handled quickly, on time and to the satisfaction of our clients.

  • Tech savvy

    We focus on investing in technology as a way to continuously increase our efficiency: workload management system, sophisticated computer assisted translation software, a client portal, etc.

  • Data security

    We believe that protecting our clients’ confidentiality is a top priority. We constantly test our IT architecture to ensure that we meet all client requirements.

  • People first

    We offer our employees a flexible work environment where everyone is treated with respect and provided equal opportunity to reach their full potential.

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Want to know more about our rates?
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We are always looking for translators, revisers and terminologists to join our in-house team and network of freelancers. We also look for Web content creators, coordinators and business development specialists. Interested? Please send your résumé and cover letter to Antoine Raimbert:

[email protected]
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