Intern Perspectives: Marie-Ève Frenette

Intern Perspectives: Marie-Ève Frenette

By Marie-Ève Frenette


I recently took my first steps in the world of professional legal translation at Cartier et Lelarge, a firm that puts people first by valuing trust, quality and collaboration.

Coming from a completely different industry, I started my internship feeling curious and just a bit unsure. Now that I’m done, I feel ready to begin my new career and look to the future with joy and excitement.

From the very first team meeting, I could see the sense of camaraderie at this company. The partners and employees had remarkable energy, listening skills and team spirit.

Later, my fellow interns and I received a warm welcome at the “fika” break, an informal twice-weekly gathering between colleagues. Held via video chat, fikas gave us a chance to rest our minds, talk about a variety of different subjects and build connections. For once, we could forget about the space that remote work puts between us.

I was also impressed with the firm’s professionalism. Cartier et Lelarge proudly produces top-quality translations for its clients and trains its new translators accordingly. I had the opportunity to work with seasoned translators and revisers, who taught me the finer points of translation through detailed feedback. I received support that went well beyond my expectations.

The team members are not just talented—they are also available. They take the time to answer every question that is asked of them and make a point of celebrating their colleagues’ accomplishments.

What’s more, Cartier et Lelarge provides an exciting work environment packed with major projects in a wide variety of fields. During my internship, I was assigned legal texts for a range of different clients, from local businesses to multinational organizations, including some government bodies. I have certainly not been waiting around for challenges these last three months!

Internships at Cartier et Lelarge provide quality training from highly qualified professionals, in a motivating, friendly work environment. I could not have hoped for a better first experience with translation. My time here has renewed my interest in legal translation and made me even more excited to pursue a career in this bustling industry!


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