Meet the Partners

Meet the Partners

Left to right: Nathalie Cartier, Simon Hébert, Judy Murphy, Antoine Raimbert and Élise Lelarge.


Cartier et Lelarge was founded in 1986 by two old friends, Nathalie Cartier and Élise Lelarge. Nathalie remains a partner today, and Élise has continued to work at the firm since retiring from the leadership team a few years ago.


Nathalie Cartier

Nathalie Cartier is a senior reviser and the firm’s human resources leader, a position in which she pursues her passion of providing the best possible working conditions for her employees. She also enjoys using her professional experience in the language industry to help our translators and revisers on a daily basis. She loves languages and literature and has lived in the Bas-Saint-Laurent for the past year, practising longe-côte (a type of sea wading) and occasionally helping out at the inn next door.


Simon Hébert

Nearly 25 years ago, Simon Hébert first joined Cartier et Lelarge after an eight-month backpacking trip in Asia. Today, his responsibilities include project management, accounting, IT solutions and a number of other matters. His colleagues know him as much for his legendary versatility as for his ability to rally the troops and boost team spirit.


Antoine Raimbert

Antoine Raimbert joined Cartier et Lelarge as a translator more than two decades ago after studying law and slowly but surely worked his way up to the top. With an equal interest in language and business, he spearheaded the firm’s succession planning process. Over the years, he has brought many loyal clients to the company and now ensures its sustainable growth and strategic development. He handles recruitment, the financial and legal translation teams, machine translation and complex or sensitive projects.


Judy Murphy

Born in Victoria, British Columbia, Judy Murphy is the head of our English translation team, coming full-circle from her early days as the firm’s sole English translator. She now pours her considerable energy into many roles, including business development, marketing and social media. As part of her mission to promote employee wellness, she has been the driving force behind our weekly Fika, now a Cartier et Lelarge mainstay and a chance for employees to relax in a fun and informal setting.