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Intern Perspectives: Laurence Marion-Pariseau

My internship at Cartier et Lelarge is the third and final of my BA in translation (co-op option). However, I did my first two internships consecutively, at the same place, so this is really only my second experience in the professional world.

The Translator’s Profession in the Age of Machine Translation

In recent years, massive strides in machine translation have led many media outlets to proclaim the death of the translator. Translation engines have made excellent progress in quality and efficiency, and in record time, but they are still far from rivalling the human capacity for critical thinking.

Leaps and Bounds in Machine Translation

In the last three years, machine translation (MT) has made more progress than ever before. First created in the 1950s, MT now gives users of Facebook, YouTube and Google Chrome the option to have content translated into their own language, if it isn’t done automatically. New machine translation engines are undeniably producing better results than they used to, especially in technical and mass-market domains, although you’ll still notice the odd mistranslation or awkward phrasing.

Machine Translation for Humans

Machine translation (MT) has undeniably made strides in the last few years. Take Google Translate, which used to provide results that were approximate at best and hilarious at worst and is now gradually finding a place in the world of language services and communications. While machine translation certainly has its advantages—mainly in terms of productivity and efficiency—it is also not without risk.

Montreal Moments: Part 2

In a series of snapshots, Charlotte Doane reflects on the everyday ways that languages meet in Montreal. In this article: a lost cat poster and a Polish deli in the Mile End.

Welcoming Interns in a Work-from-Home World

As a proud partner in supporting new translators, Cartier et Lelarge welcomed three interns this summer. However, lockdown measures have meant that their internships have been entirely remote, which has presented unique challenges. We have had to get creative to make sure that we are giving these new translators quality training and an enriching experience.

Room for Boredom

The seventeenth-century French historian Houdard de La Motte once said that boredom was born of uniformity. Though he has now largely fallen into obscurity, his words are a surprisingly apt description of life in the time of lockdown. Whether we are struggling to balance work and family or suddenly have found ourselves with more free time than we know what to do with, most of us are dealing with real, profoundly boring monotony.

Montreal Moments: Part 1

In a series of snapshots, Charlotte Doane reflects on the everyday ways that languages meet in Montreal. In this article: a sign in Chinatown and a conversation on the number 24 bus.

Cartier et Lelarge: Proud Partner in Supporting New Translators

In these uncertain times, Cartier et Lelarge remains committed to our role as a proud partner in supporting new translators. This summer, we are welcoming three new interns.

Trending: Lunchtime in Lockdown

In the time of lockdown, cooking is a necessity. While many of us were in the habit of eating half our meals at restaurants just a few months ago, we now have to resolve to spend more time in the kitchen and make do with what we have.

Translation and Misinformation

In the latest issue of OTTIAQ’s Circuit magazine, our colleague Isabelle Lafrenière has published an article on translation and misinformation in the sciences, written before the pandemic hit Quebec and especially pertinent now, with misinformation and conspiracy theories spreading like a virus of their own.

On Life in Lockdown

After spending weeks in lockdown, daily life is starting to feel like the movie Groundhog Day— reliving the same day, over and over. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced most people to make changes, their living rooms becoming workplaces and their kitchens classrooms.

COVID-19 Glossary

The Translation Bureau has created a glossary on the COVID-19 pandemic containing terminology for medical, political, economic and sociological texts. The glossary is intended to help translators in using clear, consistent vocabulary and in working efficiently during this time of constant change.

Translation in a Time of Crisis

These are unprecedented times. The raging coronavirus pandemic has plunged us all into a public health crisis, eliciting fear and even panic the world over as its impact grows each day.

What is the Ultimate Language of Business?

English is often seen as the language of business by default—but is it? In reality, the ultimate language of business is the customer’s language.

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