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Intern Perspectives: Laurianne Brière

When I was first offered an internship at Cartier et Lelarge, I was not quite sure what to expect. However, not everything was uncertain. I knew had a good feeling about Cartier et Lelarge, and I knew I wanted to become a translator.

Intern Perspectives: Ghislaine Deschambault

By Ghislaine Deschambault   I spent September to December 2021 completing an internship at Cartier et Lelarge. The experience was an ideal introduction to the world of professional translation. I had just finished my master’s in translation, all of which took place during the COVID-19 pandemic, in 2020 and 2021. After two years of distance education, […]

A Day at the OTTIAQ Annual Conference

Wondering just what a day of the OTTIAQ annual conference looks like? Read this account from our translator Geneviève, who represented Cartier et Lelarge at this year’s online edition.

Intern Perspectives: Mélodie Brassard

When I started my internship at Cartier et Lelarge, I thought I already knew what remote work was like: boring, dreary, solitary. To my great joy, however, my prior experiences were absolutely nothing like working for Cartier et Lelarge.

La rédaction inclusive

Parmi les questions d’actualité qui suscitent de nombreux débats dans les médias et les chaumières, celle de la rédaction inclusive revêt un intérêt particulier pour la communauté langagière, qui doit rester au courant des tendances.

Meet the Partners

Cartier et Lelarge was founded in 1986 by two old friends, Nathalie Cartier and Élise Lelarge. Nathalie remains a partner today, and Élise has continued to work at the firm since retiring from the leadership team a few years ago.

À chaque règne son vocabulaire

« Au terme d’une grossesse difficile, cette baleine a accouché d’un baleineau, qui est malheureusement décédé. Une autopsie a été pratiquée. » Combien d’impropriétés comprennent ces deux phrases? Pas moins de quatre!

The courage to connect

In the past year, our English translation team at Cartier et Lelarge has grown from one to five people. We onboarded everyone virtually and have never spent time working side-by-side. In this article, written for OTTIAQ’s Circuit Magazine, Judy Murphy, Partner, tells us about her experience building a virtual team and the importance of connection.

On recrute!

Nous sommes à la recherche de talents en traduction et en révision (EN-FR, FR-EN) pour compléter notre équipe de professionnels à échelle humaine. Que vous soyez généraliste ou spécialiste (communications d’entreprise, droit, finances, RH, médical, etc.), nous avons un éventail de postes à combler, à temps plein ou à temps partiel. Télécharger l’offre d’emploi ici

Intern Perspectives: Caroline Rys

My internship at Cartier et Lelarge was my third and final work term in Concordia’s co-op program, but it was the first I have done at a private company. Over the last few months, I have had the chance to learn about company culture and explore its many facets.

Virtual Fika: Social Interaction, Physical Distance

Lockdown has come and gone and come right back again, and for Quebec office workers, a full return to the workplace is nowhere in sight. Telework has become the new normal, and we’ve gotten used to interacting online as employees.

Emprunts phonétiques

Dans un sombre coqueron, une vieille dame en jaquette échappe ses pinottes dans le signe alors que le Bonhomme Sept Heures lui propose une place dans sa cédule pour opérer ses oignons moyennant une généreuse rétribution. Se laissera-t-elle enfirouaper?

Congratulations to Anouk and Ève, Our Newly Certified Translators!

Anouk is a Université de Montréal graduate who became a translator after a 14-year career at Xerox, where she held various positions. Ève is a graduate of Concordia University who joined Cartier et Lelarge for an internship before eventually accepting a permanent position here.

Intern Perspectives: Charlotte Doane

When I found out that I would get to do a translation internship at Cartier et Lelarge as part of my master’s degree at Concordia University, I had no idea that massive global events were just around the corner and could never have predicted how they would affect my work experience. But although my internship was different than I had expected in many ways, it was every bit as positive as I had hoped.

Intern Perspectives: Daphné Crête

As this is the final year of my BA in translation (co-op option) at Concordia, my experience at Cartier et Lelarge is my third and final internship. Over the course of my degree, I have had the opportunity to do a wide variety of internships: one at the government, one at a private company and this one, at a translation firm.

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